NEW Online Services

Participate in Ashram programs from home with our new menu of delicious online options.  While you shelter in place, you can turn your shelter into a yoga-cave.  Especially if you have more available time right now, use it to do more yoga.  Not only will it help you weather this storm, it will change your whole life, including body, mind, heart and deeper. 

We see and understand your need at this time, and are delighted to bring the practices and teachings to you.  Some of our new services are tuition-based while some are free.  They will support you in radical healing, transformation and illuminative experiences, not to mention getting through a tough time..

Newest Offerings:

  • Enlightenment Studies is a new series of short courses on the key teachings of yoga - the principles that help you get enlightened

Available now:

  • Gurudevi Online —  See Gurudevi's satsangs from March 29 and March 31 on our YouTube channel.   Sunday satsangs are now available LIVE by subscription.
  • Meditation Club - call in for your morning meditation, a subscription service with Gurudevi and the Ashram swamis. 
  • Yoga Discussion Groups- online group discussions about yoga's teachings and how to apply them to life's challenges. Enroll for a single call or a series.
  • Yoga Classes - taught by the premiere Svaroopa® yoga teachers in the world, online now with 11 weekly classes and a weekly Half Day Program.  Enroll for a single call or a series.
  • Learn to meditate online in our many offerings - on our calendar, click the "Online-Course" button on top.
  • Teacher Programs:  many new programs are now scheduled for you.  Click to learn more about our new Pose Clinics.  MTT Grads can learn how to teach "Troubleshooting Your Meditation".
  • Shishya Vichara Club - discounted packages on Vichara sessions, a guided self-inquiry system that shines your Divine light through your dark spots.  Click here for information on becoming a Shishya member.

Coming Soon: 

  • Ashram Eats — make your taste buds happy while you yogify your meals with Ashram menus and recipes.  The first one has gone up on Gurudevi's Facebook page.
  • Meditation Programs - more onramps to peace and inner bliss are coming soon
  • And more to come...


We continue to offer a wealth of online support, totally free!  Click for our whole menu, which includes: 

  • Japa Club - 10 minutes twice daily with Gurudevi or one of the Ashram teachers
  • Audio recordings — hundreds of Gurudevi’s discourses over the last ten years
  • Blogs - two blog sites give you different Themes.  SVA Blog is about Ashram activities; YogaMysticism.Today gives tantric teachings and their practical application.
  • Contemplation Articles - over 30 years of monthly teachings from Gurudevi
  • And much more...