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Online Services

Participate in Ashram programs from home with our many delicious online options.  Not only can they help you with life, they will change your whole life, including body, mind, heart and deeper.  We are delighted to bring the practices and teachings to you.  Some of our online services are tuition-based and some are free.  

Our On-Site Programs and Immersions continue as well.  Both our Online and On-Site programs support you in radical healing, transformation and illuminative experiences, not to mention getting through life's challenges.

Online Meditation Programs:

  • Satsangs —  Sunday and Wednesday meditation programs with Gurudevi are now available LIVE online by enrolling for a single satsang or a monthly subscription.
  • Video Archive of Gurudevi's satsang discourses with years-worth of profound teachings on our pay-per-view Deep Teachings Videos site.
  • FREE Meditation programs include Meditation Made Easy and Your Missing Peace.

     On our calendar, click "Meditation."
  • Learn to Meditate and Deepen Your Meditation are courses that take you deeper and farther into your spiritual development. On our calendar, click "Meditation."
  • Meditation Club - call in for your morning meditation, a subscription service with Gurudevi and the Ashram swamis.
  • Shaktipat Retreats offer profound inner growth and apiritual development.  On our calendar, click the button for "Retreat-Weekend."  While available online, many of these are also available as residential immersions in our retreat center in Downingtown PA.   

Yoga Classes & Therapeutics:

  • Yoga Classes - taught by the premiere Svaroopa® yoga teachers in the world, online now with 10 weekly classes and frequent workshops (longer classes).  Enroll for a single class or a series.
  • Yoga Therapeutics Series - Each class is like a yoga therapy session, focused on your needs, along with one or two other yogis.  Two classes per week for three weeks - and you'll see a huge change in how you feel!  On our calendar, click the button for "Online." 
  • Yoga Therapy Sessions - your yoga therapist customizes the poses and practices to your needs in each one-hour private session.  More info.
  • Yoga Healing Retreats - profound healing in a week, which you can do from home or by joining us in-person in Downingtown.  These are offered three or four times each year.  On our calendar, click the button for "Retreats." 
  • Vichara Sessions -  Vichara is a guided self-inquiry system that shines your Divine light through your dark spots. Your therapist asks gentle questions that help you see deeper within, unraveling the knots that cause your pain.  More info.


  • We continue to offer a wealth of online support, totally free!  Click for our whole menu, which includes: podcasts, videos, teachings articles, Guru Gita lessons, Mantra Card and more.


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Meditation Programs

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