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Gurudevi Nirmalananda says:

Where to start?  Let me make it easy: all roads lead to Rome.  Everything we do is about enlightenment.  And if you merely want to be happier and healthier, I can promise you that.  Because it happens along the way...

Svaroopa® Yoga Poses:  Enlivening and Blissful

Experience the healing and bliss of Svaroopa® Yoga in your first class.  This is a slower-paced yoga, utilizing props that meet your body where it's at.  This makes the poses accessible to everyone.  Bring your aches and pains with you!  You'll experience the difference right away. 


Meditation:  Deep & Easy

Discover the bliss of your own Beingness.  Explore your own existence all the way into your inherent Divinity.  This is made easy by our Master Teacher, Gurudevi Nirmalananda, who is a modern-day representative of a yogic lineage.  She describes her focus;

"Everything I do is to help you get enlightened.  This is how I serve my Guru."


Sutra Study:  Awakening Your Understanding

Pour your mind toward Consciousness by studying the sutras (aphorisms) with an enlightened Master.  Gurudevi helps you bring the wisdom of the ancients into your modern-day life and relationships.  Your mind begins to shine with the Light of Consciousness.  


Initiation:  Awakening to the Divine Within

Life takes on a new dimensionality after you receive Shaktipat, the mystical initiation that reveals your own essence to you.  This is the piercing of the veil that hides your Divinity from you.  Once revealed, enlightenment is assured.  It’s only a matter of time and how much you put of yourself into it.  Shaktipat makes your own Self arise within.


Community: Like-Minded People

Getting enlightened is not a solo flight.  The Svaroopa® yoga community supports your upliftment, warms your heart and helps you when you stumble along the way. Connecting and sharing is only part of it.  What you give is as important as what you get.  You can help us help others.



Dive Deeper: How Much Do You Want?  

Get more in a short time in our immersions, which are available Online and On-Site in our Downingtown PA retreat center. Devote a weekend or a week to your spiritual progress in our retreats.  Go even faster in Teacher Training, the fast path which prepares you to lead others in poses, meditation or a healing process through yoga therapy.  You will bring a whole new you home with you every time you dive deeper.


Svaroopa® Yoga 

How do you say it? 

swa-ROO-paw YO-ga

Why such a funny name? 

It means the “bliss of your own being.”  That’s what you get, no matter where you start.  It all comes in one delicious bundle, all at the same time.

Why do you offer so many programs?

We are a full-service Ashram, which is a residential yoga center. With five swamis, yoga monks, we are able to bring you the full range of yogic teachings and practices.  You simply start where you are most interested, or pick what will fit in your schedule.

How do I start?

Podcasts, Teachings Articles, YouTube videos – there’s lots of free stuff for you in Freebies.

Do you want On-Site or Online programs?  Scroll through our calendar and pick something that interests you.  You’ll find free program there too.

Or just call our Enrollment Advisor.  She loves to help you find what works for you.  phone 610.806.2119 or email programs@svaroopayoga.org.

Where are you?

We are located in Downingtown PA, near Philadelphia. 

Our online classes are accessible world-wide.

Check our Teacher Directory for a teacher or yoga therapist near you.

Svaroopa® Yoga


Body, Mind & More

Everything we do is designed to give you an experience of svaroopa — your own divine essence.





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