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Enlightenment is the goal.  We offer many pathways headed there, each one custom-tailored to your needs and interests.

  • You can begin with yoga, for physical changes that transform your mind.
  • Or begin with meditation, and be amazed by at your physical metamorphosis.
  • Sutra study awakens a new level of understanding, not only of the texts but of life itself.
  • Shaktipat gives you all of it.  This mystical initiation reveals your own essence, your own Self.

The multidimensional approach of the Svaroopa® Sciences gives you access to the Bliss of your own Beingness, named "svaroopa" in Sanskrit.  The promise is in the name - this yoga gives you "svaroopa," your own Self.

Meditation:  Deep & Easy

We specialize in easy access to the innermost depths of the Consciousness-That-You-Are.  Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation is the exploration of your own existence, all the way into your inherent Divinity.  This comes from our Master Teacher, Gurudevi Nirmalananda.  A modern-day representative of the ancient yogic tradition, she is respected both in India as well as in the West.  She describes her focus; "Everything I do is to help you get enlightened.  This is how I serve my Guru."

Svaroopa® Yoga

Discover the healing and bliss of Svaroopa® Yoga.This is a slower-paced yoga, utilizing props that meet your body where it's at.  This makes the poses accessible to everyone.  Bring your aches and pains with you!  You'll experience the difference in your first class.  It's easy to tell the difference when you feel so much better - and without the sweat!  This style of yoga is suitable for anybody and every body.  Learn more about our yoga classes and yoga therapy sessions. 

Meditation & Yoga Retreats

Online & On-site

You get more out of anything when you give more time and energy to it.  Immerse yourself in a weekend or week-long retreat and bring a whole new you home with you.  Connect with other deep yogis and build a community that supports your process.  We want to help you attain the highest!

Teacher Training

We train yoga teachers and meditation teachers, as well as yoga therapists.  Thousands of graduates carry Svaroopa® Yoga & Meditation around the globe due to our 30+ years of offering professional trainings.  Explore our many options for developing skills that will contribute to making the world what you want it to be.  

Explore our Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist Trainings

Explore our Meditation Teacher Trainings 

Svaroopa® Yoga


Body, Mind & More

Everything we do is designed to give you an experience of svaroopa — your own divine essence.