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Telecourses with Gurudevi

Online Self-Paced Study

Your discovery of your own mystical essence is the focus of all these programs.  Through Gurudevi’s teaching articles and videos, you will discover a new dimensionality within.  This deep spirituality nourishes you from the inside out, supporting your life and relationships.  

 Leaps & Bounds  

Being, Light & Bliss







Enlightenment:  Stages & Steps




Each Telecourse has several modules.  Enroll in them all for a discount or take only the ones you want.  Move through the process at your own pace, whether you complete it all in a few days or it takes you months. 

You have personal access to all the articles and videos for months.  You can dive in deep, even reviewing each offering multiple times.  This is guaranteed to shift your sense of who you are, supporting your life in the world from the inside-outward.


Gurudevi Nirmalananda

Svaroopa® Yoga

Finding Truth Within

The teachings of India's sages are more than words.  They take you to what they name, your own Self.

Leaps & Bounds

Being, Light & Bliss

Enlightenment: Stages & Steps