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 Dates for Mandali Travels 



Dates & Teacher Available

Travel Mandali - dates available now

Zoom Mandali - in addition to the dates available now, unbooked Travel dates become available 30 days prior

Booked Dates & Teachers







To invite us to teach for you and your students, mandali@svaroopayoga.org





Michelle (Kamala) Gross Wynnum West, QLD Australia

Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga




31 - Sept 6  

Swami Shutananda & Swami Prajñananda


Embodyment®  Yoga Therapy Training

Svaroopa® Yoga

Full Spectrum Yoga

While working with your body, Svaroopa® yoga opens up the full spectrum of your being. Spiritual insights and profound healings happen without any sweat. Slower yoga, consciously aligned and leveraged for multi-dimensional openings, means you get it all.