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Svaroopa® Yoga Mandali

Our Mandali program is for Svaroopa®Yoga Teachers, a template for organizing community programs benefitting their students.  These support programs nurture the community members, build their relationships with each other and deepen their yoga practice.

Mandala is a Sanskrit Word

Often used in the West to describe artistic expressions of personal identity and meaning, the word "mandala" means something different in Sanskrit .  Pronounced "mawn-duh-luh," it means community or group, dedicated to a common experience or purpose. 

"Mandali" is a variation on the term, first used by a modern-day mystic, Meher Baba, to describe those who studied with him.  He described concentric circles, with those closest to him being in the innermost ring, like the people sitting closest to a beach bonfire. Gurudevi Nirmalananda says, “A yoga community is naturally made up of concentric circles, like people at a beach bonfire.  Those closest to the fire are the warmest, while those farther away are getting a little cold.  Each person chooses their proximity, but the best is when someone in an inner ring invites you to come closer.” 

Each mandali ring is made up of yogis, finding their level of practice and proximity organically.  Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram is committed to serving them all, as defined in our Mission Statement for our Mandali Program: 

Svaroopa® yogis nurturing their interconnectedness,

through local community events and Ashram programs.

Local Mandali

Each teacher has a group of dedicated students, while teaching others who are less involved but still enjoy their classes.  Our Local Mandali programming gives SATYA members guidance in holding local programs and events to develop their community relationships.  Get ready to have some fun while developing deeper relationships with local Svaroopis and organically growing your student body.

Gurudevi Nirmalananda held many such programs in La Jolla during the 20+ years that she taught there, and the San Diego community has recently begun to hold some again.  These events build the community feeling for attendees as well as for the yogis who help create the event.  These growing relationships contribute to a deepening commitment to their yoga practice as well as their joy in sharing it with others, which further builds your student body. Click the year for inspiring and fun events to hold in 2024.

Mandali Travels

Mandali Travels offers SVA programs in your home town, taught by our stellar Faculty members. Gurudevi Nirmalananda designed this aspect of our Mandali program to support local classes and teachers, as well as expand the Ashram services for Svaroopis everywhere.  To invite us to come teach in your home town, click here.  

To host a program, choose the free program you want and invite everyone to come.  We send one of our Swamis to lead it for you.  They also teach a tuition-based workshop to cover their costs, and if you team with a neighboring SATYA member, both of you get free programs! 

Listed below, each FREE program is guaranteed to deliver a delicious experience which inspires both students and clients:

Choose a tuition-based program for your students to enjoy and to cover our costs.  These are designed to be “no-hassle hosting:”

We did many of these programs in 2014 for a number of GeoCenters, which were very popular and contributed to local teacher success.  Gurudevi Nirmalananda also did 5 or 6 free programs in Brisbane Australia in 2016.  Keep an eye on our Calendar to see the new programs that are headed your way!  

Click to see our calendar of programs and available dates.  To invite us to come teach in your home town, click here.