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She guides seekers to their own Divine Essence, sharing her incredible knowledge through her humor as well as her caring presence. Easily accessible through free programs, in retreats and trainings, in our online library and through telephone programs, she delights in seeing you come to know your Self. Swamiji's Bio

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The Svaroopa® Sciences

Yoga based in Grace. All our practices invoke the inner revelation of your own Divinity. Svaroopa® yoga poses feature precision with compassion, while Svaroopa® Vidya meditation propels you deep within from the very beginning.

India Trip

India Trip 2015

Our early morning chant began with Swamiji’s new translation of Guru Gita verses. Here you see the yogis’ deep focus and open hearts, as they began delving into the profound teachings in this ancient text. Our next group leaves for Ganeshpuri on February 7, 2015 and has 12 heavenly days of practices in the land of yoga.


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Lighting Fire


We spent an ecstatic day in our 2013 India trip, with the traditional fire ceremony burning away karmas, fears and resistances. Honored as the fire of yoga, the source of light and life, we are looking forward to another yaj~na in February 2015, as part of our retreat with Swami Nirmalananda in Ganeshpuri.  GANESHPURI’S Grace


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India 2015 FAQ - What you need to know



Daily E-Quote

Most people are working on their self (small-s self), the superficial sense of identity that affects how you see the world and (most importantly) affects how you see yourself. — Swamiji…