Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga Teachers


Your Foundations course is led by one of our Primary Teachers, who teaches the poses, breathing practice, anatomy, yoga philosophy and meditation.  She has many years of teaching experience as well as thorough training as a Teacher Trainer plus continuing ed and annual supervision and reviews.  We are confident you will find her to be an excellent teacher and inspiring yogini.

"The teaching is so valuable & effective because it is given by teachers who live what they teach.  This is not theory – it is life!"

“The depth of knowledge and the compassion shown by each of the teachers encourages me to continue on this path.”

Bhakta (Leslie) Johnson

Bhakta (Leslie) Johnson, CSYT, RYT 500

With her compassionate and patient approach. Bhakta easily communicates the knowledge and experience of yoga. She began teaching Svaroopa® yoga after completing Foundations in 2002 and now serves as a Foundations Teacher Trainer, Leading Teacher, DTS Mentor and SATYA Enrollment Coordinator. At her home studio, Yoga at the Well in Minneapolis, MN, she offers weekly yoga classes, Half-Day Workshops, Svaroopa® yoga therapy & Vichara sessions, and also teaches Svaroopa® Vidya meditation classes. You may invite Bhakta to teach Foundations in your home town; contact her directly at Turn on Javascript! | 612.408.0434


Kamala (Michelle) Gross

Kamala (Michelle) Gross, CSYT, RYT 500

Kamala (Michelle) Gross began taking and studying Svaroopa® yoga in 1997 and opened Westborough Yoga Studio in 2002. As well as teaching weekly classes, Kamala is a full time Svaroopa®  yoga and Embodyment® therapist, as well as a meditation teacher. She is excited to help spread the practices of Svaroopa® yoga beyond her local community. She is committed to helping others find what this style of yoga has to offer and create a community of teachers. Invite Kamala to teach in your home town: Turn on Javascript! | 508.341.6424


Janaki (Janet) Murray

Janaki (Janet) Murray, CSYT, Australia-Registered Senior Teacher

First 'hooked' on Svaroopa® yoga in Swamiji's first Australian training in 2001, Janaki began making lots of trips to the USA for teacher training. In addition to serving as a Foundations Trainer, she now offers regular classes, half-day workshops, meditation courses and Embodyment® sessions in Lota QLD. Janaki is dedicated to the growth of Svaroopa® yoga, and the support and encouragement of students & teachers 'Down Under'.  You may invite Janaki  to offer Foundations in your home town; get in touch with Janaki at Turn on Javascript! |


Vidyadevi Stillman

Vidyadevi Stillman, CSYT, E-RYT 500, Australia-Registered Senior Teacher

Svaroopa® yoga's premier teacher trainer, Vidyadevi has been studying and teaching with Swami Nirmalananda for 20 years. Having taught on several continents, and the direct support from Nirmalananda, imbues her teaching with depth as well as accessibility. Her background as a research scientist enlivens her understanding of the science of yoga. She travels extensively to lead programs in both yoga and meditation. She communicates with ease, skilled in merging depth, clarity, lightness and humor. Click here to invite her to teach in your home town or call Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram at 610.644.7555.  


Karobi Sachs

Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs, CSYT, E-RYT 500, Australia-Registered Senior Teacher

Karobi began exploring yoga in the late 1970's. She became a teacher of Svaroopa® yoga in 2000, joined the teacher training team in 2002 and left her nursing job to devote herself full time to Master Yoga in 2004. Karobi brings a compassionate and accepting presence to the classroom. She enjoys demonstrating how Svaroopa® yoga benefits and supports people from a vast range of ages, abilities and body types. Click here to invite her to teach in your home town or call Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram at 610.644.7555. 




Your Foundations course is led by two Teacher Trainers, one serving as your Secondary Teacher, focusing on the poses, breathing practice, chant & meditation and your own healing and personal growth.  With years of teaching experience as well as thorough training as a Teacher Trainer, she refines her skills through rigorous continuing ed and annual supervision and reviews.  She teams with one of the Primary Teachers to make sure you have full support in your learning and yogic process.  You will find her to be an accomplished and dedicated teacher as well as an inspiring yogini.

“You will definitely gain inner knowing.  This teacher is supportive and clear and gently guiding you into your Self.”

“The whole Foundations was a thoroughly enlightening & engaging study with teachers that were giving and well trained.”

Julia Djaic

Julia Djaic, Australia-Registered Level 2 Teacher

In Brisbane Australia, Jayaa has been studying and teaching Foundations courses with Janaki for several years.  She traveled to the USA to further her preparation as a Teacher Trainer and is now teaming with Janaki to offer Foundations all over Australia.  She says, “It is an honor to present the teachings in this way, I look forward to being a part of igniting the fire within, as my teachers have done for me.”  Find her at Yoga with Julia in Wakerley & Manly QLD, for yoga classes, private yoga therapy sessions, half-day workshops and yoga philosophy discussion groups.  Invite Jayaa to teach in your area; contact her at Turn on Javascript!


Margo Gebraski

Margo Gebraski, CSYT, E-RYT 500

Margo's began Svaroopa® yoga in 2004, becoming a CSYT in 2007. She teaches continuing, beginning & deeper level classes, plus pregnancy and meditation courses, and half day workshops at her studio, Yoga Rhythms in Lisle, IL. Margo also supports clients through deeper healing with Yoga Therapy, Embodyment® and Vichara. She enjoys serving other teachers as the Leading Teacher in the Chicago Area. Practicing for than 30 years, Margo brings a spiritual depth, ease and lightness to her teaching.  Invite Margo to teach in your area: Turn on Javascript! | 630.778.5991