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Our Administrative Team

Swami Satrupananda, Business Manager

Swami Satrupananda works closely with the Board of Directors and Gurudevi Nirmalananda, making recommendations to improve the organization’s manifestation of our Vision & Mission.  As a former SVA Board member, Swami Satrupananda brings deep experience with our operational needs.  As a longtime Svaroopi, Swami Satrupananda says, "I am here to serve."  She accepts this role with profound knowledge and experience of Svaroopa® practices as well as of our community and organization. 


Swami Samvidaananda, Teachings Manager

Multi-tasking is the name of the game.  Managing the trainers and calendars as well as our hosted programs and vowed members teams, Swami Samvidaananda makes sure that our programs and teachers are there for you.  She also supports Gurudevi Nirmalananda in sharing the teachings and communications.  “Serving you allows me to support Swamiji in doing her job, which is being a source of Grace in our yoga community and in the world through her teachings, her presence, and the initiation she gives. I am devoted to Swamiji, and to the goal of Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram, which is to give the experience of your own inherent divinity to all who seek it.”  Reach Swami Samvidaananda at Turn on Javascript! or 610.644.7555. 


Nora (Datri) Beckjord, Head Enrollment Advisor

Helping you find your next yoga opportunity is Nora’s goal. As the Head Enrollment Advisor, Nora works closely with Kusuma to support you in enrolling in your next SVA program. Nora is a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher, Certified Embodyment® Yoga Therapist and has years of professional experience supporting clients. Nora says, “I am excited to help students to decide what courses are next for them as they continue on their yoga path.” Reach out to Nora at Turn on Javascript! or 610.806.2119.


Doreen Willover, Guest Services Supervisor

We’re delighted to welcome our new Guest Services Supervisor, Doreen Willover. Doreen came to Downingtown Yoga and Meditation a year and a half ago looking for both asana and meditation. Since then she’s taken yoga classes and therapy sessions, Swami Sunday and the New Year’s retreat. She also started doing seva both for Guest Services and the gardening team. Now she is joining our staff full-time to support you when you come for immersions. In addition to her yoga practices, Doreen also brings event planning skills and nurturing skills from her previous work experience. Doreen says, “I am thrilled to have this beautiful and spiritual opportunity to be a part of the SVA team (family) in the capacity of Guest Services. I look forward to meeting and greeting all our guests for the retreats and promise to provide my very best to all.”


Lydia Haas

Tom Trautlein, Student Services & Traffic Manager

Tom makes sure information connects with our community through various media.  With his diverse and detail-oriented background, Tom oversees behind-the-scenes, providing up to date and accurate information to support our students and community.  He says, “I am truly honored to have the opportunity to help support the Svaroopi community.  To be able to work with such a wonderful staff and absolutely amazing sevites is a blessing beyond words.”   


Swami Sahajananda, Class & Teacher Coordinator

Overseeing all our classes and teachers, Swami Sahajananda brings her expertise from 20 years of being a Teacher Trainer as well as having been a nurse overseeing a Boston homeless clinic.  Both in the classroom as well as behind the scenes, she is both knowledgeable and supportive. She says:” I am enthusiastic and excited about supporting our students, teachers and the Ashram by being involved in every class and immersion in a fuller and more comprehensive way."  


Swami Prajñananda, Teachings Admin Assistant 

In addition to being a Teacher Trainer, Swami Prajñananda works behind the scenes to make sure everything that’s needed for the classroom is ready.  Her depth of training makes her able to bring administrative and yogic skills together, to effectively support Gurudevi Nirmalananda’s teachings. Swami Prajñananda says, “I'm delighted to continue serving on the Teachings Team, supporting the teachings of the Ashram and its teachers, as well as honored to be one of those teachers.”  


Valerie (Atmananda) Trautelin, Weekly Yoga Coordinator   

Atmananda coordinates our weekly yoga and introductory classes at Downingtown Yoga and Meditation Center.  She supports the teachers and the students in our Online and On-Site classes.  She brings 13 years 
of experience in teaching Svaroopa® yoga and providing Svaroopa® yoga therapy sessions.  This makes her especially understanding of students’ needs as well as how to support our teachers.  Atmananda says, “I am delighted to support Gurudevi, SVA and DYMC in this new way.”


Lisha Reynolds, Teachings Manager Admin Assistant & Hosted Programs Manager

We’re delighted to welcome Lisha Reynolds to a new full-time position with our Teachings Team.  The good news is that she continues as our Hosted Programs Manager, supporting our Mandali Hosts.  In addition, she now brings her enthusiasm, skills, and deep understanding of our Ashram programs to our Teachings Team as a Teaching Manager’s Administrative Assistant.  Lisha says “There's a lot that happens "behind the scenes" at SVA!  I'm delighted to be a part of the Teachings Team and look forward to my new role.”


Newt (Yogeshananda) Sathyaseelan, Guest Services Assistant

Yogeshananda serves as one of our Guest Services Assistants.  He supports Guests Services in welcoming you to Lokananda: making sure you are well-fed and well cared for. On weekends you may see him behind our welcome desk. Throughout the week, look for him assisting in other capacities, including supporting Chef Anthony in the kitchen at your next Ashram lunch. Yogesh says, “It is my pleasure and my honor to be a part of Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram. I love serving because service to people is service to God.” 


Kim Evans, Marketing Assistant 

Assisting our publications and communications team, Kim is a recent graduate. She is experienced  as a digital marketing coordinator, so she understands the tools we use to communicate our teachings and offerings to a variety of audiences. Kim  says, "I am extremely grateful to be working with the staff here at DYMC, as well as the Svaroopi community. I look forward to learning more about Svaroopa® yoga and developing my own practices during my time here." 


Sally Doyle, Business Administrative Assistant

Behind the scenes, Sally has her fingers in every pie, helping keep everything running smoothly. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her eye for detail is a big plus. Already doing yoga when she arrived, she’s now taking (and loving) our weekly staff yoga class. Sally says, “I feel so fortunate to have found this generous, welcoming place to work. My hope is that I will serve well this Svaroopa family for a long time.” 



Lisa DeLaurentis, Bookkeeper

Welcome to Lisa, who has recently joined our team. She works behind the scenes to track our finances so we operate in a fiscally responsible way. Lisa brings a depth of experience and skill to the position including accounting experience with a non-profit organization. Lisa says the following about her experience at SVA so far, “The people here have been very warm and welcoming. They make you feel special and unique.”