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What is an Ashram?

Since ancient times, the Sanskrit word ashram names the place where the Guru lives.

The Ashram houses the Guru’s physical being, as well as the shakti, the divine energy of Grace, that flows through the Guru.

If you have spent any time with Gurudevi Nirmalananda, you have experienced this current of shakti. While it is present in everything that exists, it is stronger and more concentrated in a yogi who has dedicated herself to serve in this way.

The deeper Gurudevi takes her own practice, the stronger the shakti flows through her. Both of our Ashram buildings house it, nurture it and “plant it” on the physical plane.

As a visitor you will feel it, perhaps when you first enter, or after you’ve been there for a while, or even after you leave. Gurudevi wants us to consider the Ashram our home as well as hers.

What is it like to visit?

Your immersion programs in Pennsylvania are held in our residential retreat center at 116 E. Lancaster Ave, Downingtown PA 19335.  We call this building by the name Lokananda, which means "Place of Bliss," aptly named.  It also houses Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center, which hosts our yoga classes, meditation satsangs and shorter programs.

Whether you are attending a short program or staying for several days in a yogimmersion, you'll feel the yogic-vibe, created by Gurudevi's teaching here as well as the cumulative practices of hundreds of people over several years.  

You get a head start on your inward exploration by coasting on the energy embodied here, and you contribute to it by doing your studies and practices here.

May I stay or live at the Ashram?

Yes! Gurudevi Nirmalananda encourages those who are committed to the exploring the deeper science of the Self to deepen their practice and experience of the Self. If you are interested in that level of commitment, please consider becoming an Ashram Resident.  The first step is to apply for a one-month trial period, to see how it works for you as well as how it works for the other residents.  Click here for a residency application.