Phone Studies

Join Swami Nirmalananda and other faculty members in a variety of free phone calls as well as phone-call study programs.  These are designed to serve our broad-based community as well as to invite new students to explore our teachings.  

Free Q&A Calls with Swami Nirmalananda:  available with your Satsangi Membership

The Swami Connection:  special events with Swamiji

Year-Long Program Phone Calls:  when you enroll for the option that includes calls

Sutra Studies:  periodic courses offered by Swamiji and other teachers

in addition, you have many other resources that support your spiritual development and continued studies in our online offerings:

Free E-Quotes:  arrives in your email daily

Audio recordings of Swamiji's discourses from her public satsang programs.  

Over 30 years of monthly Contemplation articles

YouTube videos

Facebook news and updates

Two blogs:  Svaroopa Vidya Ashram blog & Yoga Mysticism Today


We hope our virtual Ashram will serve you generously, no matter where you live.

OM svaroopa svasavabhavah namo namah

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The Yoga of Grace

Shining a light on your Divinity, to help you find your way in, so you can discover the light of your own Being, which is always shining outward.


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