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Vichara:  Guided Self-Inquiry 

Private Session Discussion Process

My vichara sessions opened me to breakthrough after breakthrough.  What could have taken me years was dissolved so much more quickly. –  Lynn C.

Vichara is the practice of self-inquiry, guided by a specially-trained Vichara therapist. It can be done in person or in a call. It steadies your emotions and your mind but goes deeper.  It’s an inward view to your own Self, from where all inner answers come. It's yoga, not psychotherapy.

Deep listening, that's where we begin.  No matter what your starting point is, we use gentle questions to help you get deeper - in and under the surface level of your reactions and fears.  This inner inquiry is your own exploration of your own Self, as the layers dissolve away.  Sometimes it's instantaneous. Sometimes it takes a few sessions, especially if you've been wrestling with mind for a while.

  • For an in-depth article on Vichara, click here.
  • To schedule a Vichara Session, contact our Enrollment Advisors at programs@svaroopayoga.org or at 610.806.2119.  
  • For information on becoming a Vichara therapist, click here.