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 Business Manager

Svaroopa Vidya Ashram seeks a Business Manager to manage the vision and implementation of the Svaroopa Vidya Vowed Order, a yogic vow within the ancient order of Saraswati monks located in Downington, PA. 


  1. Oversee the implementation of the first 5 years of the vowed order (5%);
  2. prepare five-year business plan to support the vision defined by the Board of Directors, including a focus on the vowed order (5%);
  3. identify long term staffing needs and solutions to ensure the organization is effectively staffed for current needs (30%);
  4. create a strategy to implement growth and support of volunteers in Sanskrit yoga practice (10%);
  5. oversee the creation of financial reports, and analyze financial reports to project the impact of the vowed order on the ashram financials. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors for successful financial planning for the organization (30%);
  6. develop a technology plan for the organization that encompasses the operational needs as well as the organization's ability to harness technology to further its mission (5%);
  7. oversee the operations of the Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Training program (10%);
  8. oversee the operations of the Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation Teacher Training program (3%);
  9. such other duties and responsibilities as assigned (2%).


  1. Bachelor’s degree in any field;
  2. 24 months of experience working in strategic, staff, or financial management, or a related field;
  3. Demonstrable working knowledge and understanding of: (a) Microsoft Office; (b) MindBody Online; (c) QuickBooks; (d) Database Management tools, including Access; (e) Video and Phone Conferencing Tools; (f) Google Calendar; and (g) Task Management Software, including Basecamp and Microsoft Task;
  4. possess the following certifications: (a) Svaroopa Yoga Teacher; and (b) Svaroopa Vidya Meditation Teacher;
  5. Be a member of the Svaroopa Vidya Vowed Order, and
  6. be willing and able to relocate to Downingtown, PA.

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