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Sutra Study

Gurudevi Nirmalananda is always teaching from the yogic texts.  She most frequently includes:


Shiva Sutra

Vijñana Bhairava

Spanda Karika

Yoga Sutra


Bhakti Sutra

and the oral tradition.

She interweaves the sutras in everything she teaches.  Choose in-person studies or online, delve into Gurudevi's podcasts and teachings articles, take courses and immerse yourself in weekends and retreats - you've got lots of options!


This is the most powerful form of study.  Why?  You get it by osmosis while you’re hearing the teachings.  It's as though your ears are on your heart..

Lokaananda samaadhi sukham — Shiva Sutras 1.18

The constant bliss of the realized yogi is transmitted to those around him.

Gurudevi Nirmalananda makes herself available in many programs, courses and retreats.  She gives free meditation programs twice weekly in Downingtown PA.  You may also enroll for these programs online:

Swami Sunday

Wednesday Satsang (see our calendar)


Deepen your understanding and expand your inner experience from home in these online programs with Gurudevi:


Swami Sunday & Wednesday satsang

Frequent special programs (see our calendar)

Courses & Retreats

All of our swamis contribute to our many meditation and sutra programs, including free programs as well as tuition-based courses. 

Meditation Courses

Enlightenment Studies

Shaktipat Retreat with Gurudevi

Weekends & Retreats 


Yoga is an oral tradition.  Podcasts are a modern way to apply yourself to the nuances of the teachings and the tone in which they are given.  A collection of Gurudevi’s discourses is online, part of our Freebies.  Each week a new one adds to the library, so you can listen, learn and experience.  Explore all three of our Podbean channels:

Teachings Audios

Shree Guru Gita lessons

Traditional Tales (coming soon)

Books & Teachings Articles

In addition to her books, Gurudevi publishes a monthly Teachings Article. Our online library covers more than 30 years of these profound teachings, all for free.  In addition, each article is recorded as a podcast.


Teachings Articles

Podcasts of Teachings Articles

Where to Begin?

Start with a podcast.  It's short and easy to listen to.  See what you get out of it and then try another. 

Graduate to a Teachings Article and even to a course.  We look forward to serving you!





Sutra Study

Books by Gurudevi

Teacher Trainings


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