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Mystical Yogic Breathing

New Audio Album

By Gurudevi Nirmalananda

Breathing.  The power of a simple breath is beyond logic, yet easily accessible to all.  It is a mystical power, the power of Consciousness, that can heal what ails you as well as propel you into profound levels of cosmic consciousness.  

Let Gurudevi walk you through the steps, from simply noticing your breath to easing into a spaciousness you've rarely experienced before - all in minutes. 

Then move into the classical practice of Ujjayi Pranayama, yoga's Ocean-Sounding Breath.  Done as a stand-alone practice, while lying in Shavasana, yoga's relaxation pose, you'll build reserves of health and vitality that also give you clarity and creativity.

As you learn to finesse the sound of your breath, you're moving into an advanced level of pranayama.  This opens the inner doorway to Self-discovery, which is the whole point of yoga. 

Originally released as "Life's Breath," these audios have been re-mastered.  The rich sound of Gurudevi playing the tamboura is layered softly in the background during the Ujjayi Pranayama track. The others are offered with silence in the background, for easy focus and deep practice.

Introductory Mantras 2:04

Imbibe the sound of these Sanskrit verses as Gurudevi sings to God.  She always begins with dedicating her efforts to her Guru and ends with dedicating it all to you.  OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah.

Am I Breathing? 3:30

You begin with noticing your breathing. Gurudevi explains why your breath will stop, both in meditation as well as in the midst of life. Then she gives you a remedy for when you've lost your breath - how to feel the enlivenment in every breath.

Easy Open Breathing 13:26

Explore your breath without pushing or forcing it.  Discover how to make friends with your breath and use it for an internal massage. Once you get the feel of easy open breathing, let Gurudevi guide you through gently adding the Ujjayi breathing sound - for even deeper results.

Ujjayi Pranayama 17:22

This classical practice is the foundational breathing practice, one that is safe and beneficial for every body. This yogic breath gives you all the benefits of aerobic exercise while it profoundly deepens your inner state.  The movement of your breath is only part of the reason why. The sound of your breath is the most powerful factor.

Finesse the Sound 7:29

Cultivate mastery of your breath and you gain mastery of your mind and life energies. Fine tune the sound of your breath to discover the subtle levels that are usually hidden from view.


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