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Classroom Teaching Themes

included in all YTT Levels

CBT, RYT 200, CSYT, RYT 500

It's a Class

They are supposed to be learning.  Themes empower you to build a curriculum that keeps them engaged. New poses every month, providing ever-growing benefits and deepening inner experiences.

Classroom Teaching Themes

You learn to teach a rich curriculum to your yoga students, using our signature Themes approach. Each Theme builds on their experiences and training in the prior ones. Our Teacher Training levels work through the Themes just as you do with your own students. 

YTT Level 1

YTT Level 2

YTT Level 3

YTT Level 4

Daily Practice


Forward Bends

Classical Poses

Core Opening


Neck & Shoulders



Standing Poses

Balance & inversions

Seated Poses & Twists


Daily Practice Theme

Make the biggest difference in a person’s life: teach them how to do Daily Practice. Learn how to inspire them as well as guide them through the mechanics, using personalized propping, alignments and adjustments. Get profound changes in your body, mind and more while gaining hands-on skills for your students. 

Core Opening Theme

This Theme is not about becoming "better" at these poses, but to use the poses to make you better. You get immediate effects that extend through your whole body, as well as fulfilling the prime objective of opening up your deeper inner experience. Core Opening is spinal decompression. This is the most important Theme in Svaroopa® Yoga. 

Abdominals Theme

Your abdominals work for you once you’ve released your spine. Discover how easy it is to activate these key muscles, which make you able to live with your spine open, supple and strong. Teach your students a whole new dimension of Svaroopa® yoga, scientific utilization of their body’s strength structure, including their abs, arms and legs.

Backbends Theme

Teach the hardest poses, the ones that keep you tall and strong all your life long. Your body needs backbends, both for your lower spine and upper spine, to open out the crunch that life puts in. Everything you have learned and been practicing prepares you for these challenging poses, plus the magic of Svaroopa® yoga makes them easy and accessible, especially with our individualized propping, alignments and adjustments. 

Standing Poses

Just like the yoga books and websites show, you’ll be doing the Warrior poses and other standing poses but in the Svaroopa® yoga way. Discover the support of your bones while you use your abs, arms and legs all at the same time. Take your students into a new realm of mastery, cultivating their strength and decisiveness together. Go home with customized propping, alignments and adjustments that bring everyone to a new level.

Forward Bends

Now you shift gears to a more advanced level with deeper poses, deeper physical changes and deeper inner experiences. Forward bends open up a lot of change, along with providing a profound feeling of surrender, serenity and letting go. They cultivate the experience of yogic surrender, thus this is a blissful theme. Here you learn to teach forward bending poses from chairs and on the floor as well as strenuous forward bends, using your arms, legs and abdominals to support you so your spine can release. When you find this, it feels like you can stay forever! You discover the bliss of surrender in the midst of efforting. 

Neck & Shoulders

Everyone wants help with their neck & shoulders. Learn a powerful approach, completely different than the medical paradigm, yet easy to prove how well it works. Your neck and shoulders automatically improve when you get spinal release at your tailbone. These changes are a grounded opening that lifts and lengthens the spine from tail-to-top. In this theme, you also learn to help your students by dealing with their mind along with their body, venturing into the next stage of the transformational process — on the physical level as well as the mental and emotional levels.

Balance & Inversions

Balancing poses and inversions are taught together in one Theme because they share an important quality – the principle of finding the point of balance rather than tightening to create a false sense of balance. You learn how to stand in your bones and find the balance in your feet, so you become steady in the pose. In addition, your mind will become wonderfully peaceful. Now you apply these principles to inversions, including mild, moderate and full inversions. This theme is very important for life skills. Your ability to balance physically is related to your emotional balance and your steadiness of mind. 

Classical Poses

This physically challenging theme means you get to work a little harder and go a little farther than before. Now you learn to teach the full poses instead of the variations we have been using to provide core opening. Learn how to work hard without pushing, then lead your students through this amazing learning process! Discover how the classical poses provide profound spinal release while strengthening your body and the power of your inner resolve.


Learn to move and breathe in openness. This theme shows that there is more available to you. Now you learn to link poses together in a continuous sequence, moving and breathing while opening your spine. This leads to living your yoga in the midst of life’s challenges. Develop your ability to fine-tune the individual poses in each pose sequence, as well as connecting them in a continuous sequence, and graduate to doing variations that provide increasing levels of complexity and mastery.

Seated Poses & Twists

The culmination is found in this meditative theme. Seated poses are the most important of all asanas. You began with them in Daily Practice and now you return to them, but you are changed. All the other poses you have been learning, teaching and practicing have made a change in your ability to sit. 

In the seated pose, you naturally experience the inner realms of your own Self that yoga promises. Plus the twists have a profoundly quieting effect on the mind, getting the things that limit your bliss out of the way. Now you easily discover the already-blissful, deeper dimension of your own existence, named svaroopa, the bliss of your own Being. 


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