Shree Guru Gita Project Overview

Gurudevi Nirmalananda introduces this project and invites you to participate:

My Guru, Swami Muktananda, always said Shree Guru Gita is the one essential text.  After having studied it as well as many other texts for more than three decades, I am beginning to understand how true this is. Every essential teaching is here! Most importantly, you get it all when you chant it, even more than when you study the English translation.

Thus I'd like to help you cultivate your ability to chant it - not only chant it accurately, but joyfully. So I have recorded pronunciation lessons, which we did one verse daily for six months.  I've begun the commentary on the translation ad will be adding to it as possible.  Please accept this offering to you, in the name of and in service to my Guru.

Gurudevii's Honored Guru Gita CD is now available!

Our Shree Guru Gita Project includes:

Background information about Shree Guru Gita

Sequencing and details for Chanting Shree Guru Gita on your own or with Gurudevi in Ashram Membership calls

Gurudevi's English verse rendering (completed through verse 99, with the remaining verses in Sanskrit)

Lyrics and translation of Jaya Jaya Arati Nityananda

Sanskrit Pronunciation Lessons of the Introductions and the Verses (audio)

Gurudevi's  commentary (English) on the Intro Mantras (text and audio)

Gurudevi's commentary (English) on the Meaning of the Verses (text and audio)

Articles on Shree Guru Gita:

Why is This Chant so Powerful? - by Priya Lori Kenney, interviewing Gurudevi Nirmalananda

Same and Different - by Priya Lori Kenney, interviewing Gurudevi Nirmalananda

I Know Something is Happening! - by Priya Lori Kenney, interviewing Swami Sahajananda (formerly known as Kusuma)

The Guru as Grace - by Priya Lori Kenney, interviewing Gurudevi Nirmalananda

Thoughts on Shree Guru Gita - by Yogeshwari Fountain


Shree Guru Gita Pronunciations Complete

The Shree Guru Gita Commentary Has Begun

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