All Saints' Day

November 1 2020

Everyone knows about Halloween, now a secular (non-sacred) tradition, one of the biggest annual events in the USA.  Yet its roots are sacred, dating from 5th century European Christianity.  It is the eve before All Saints’ Day, with “hallow” meaning “holy” and “-een” meaning “eve” or the evening before the big day.  Traditionally, the holy day celebration began the evening before, as we see with church services on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day.

Yoga holds saints from all traditions in high regard, for it is the God-intoxicated and God-inspired beings who have uplifted humanity most powerfully.  Regardless of their religion or tradition, those who shine with Divine Light are the greatest servants, not only of God but also of the world. 

Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram is inaugurating annual celebrations of this holy day beginning in 2020.  Stay tuned for more information…

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When events beyond our control cause unavoidable changes, locations and fees are subject to change without notice.

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Svaroopa® Yoga

The Goddess

To get beyond your mind, beyond your education, beyond your programming - to see the incredible mothering of the Divine Reality..  Diwali is a great day to begin learning how.