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Being, Light & Bliss

Online Telecourse

See the  free introductory video here.  

Your discovery of your own mystical essence is the focus of this program.  Through Gurudevi’s teaching articles and videos, you will explore your own Beingness, which is Light and Bliss. The personal practices she gives you make the experience tangible. 

This telecourse has three modules.  Each module includes four lessons and includes practices to help you deeply imbibe the teachings.  Enroll in a single module or take all three.

Module 1:  Being — who you are at the deepest level within your own being.   Click for your passworded login page.
Module 2:  Light — experiencing the light within and sharing it with others.  Click for your passworded login page.
Module 3:  Bliss — living in the bliss of the inner knowing and carrying it into your life..  Click for your passworded login page.

By knowing your own essence, you live in the freedom of being, a continuing experience of light and bliss that you can share with the world.  Yoga’s promise of freedom is within your reach. As a Shaktipat master, Gurudevi’s specialty is that she gives you the inner experience of this wisdom tradition while she’s teaching you how to you apply it to your life.

Each telecourse module includes:

  • Teaching article #1
  • Gurudevi’s video discourse#1
  • Personal Practice #1
  • Teaching article #2
  • Gurudevi’s video discourse #2
  • Personal Practice #2
  • Closing report and questionnaire

Move through the process at your own pace, whether you complete it all in a few days or it takes you months.  Your password will be valid for four months after your enrollment. Once you receive your password, no refunds are allowed.

Gurudevi taught these three modules in 2021 as her Year-Long Programme, which was titled "Beyond Becoming:  Being, Light & Bliss."  Our telecourse includes the articles, videos and personal practices from the course.  It does not include the discussions and Q&A that were offered during the live classes.

In the Telecourse, you have personal access to all the articles and videos in your module for four months.  You can dive in deep, even reviewing each offering multiple times.  This is guaranteed to shift your sense of who you are, supporting your life in the world from the inside-outward.


Gurudevi Nirmalananda


Enrollment fees:

Module 1 - Being (discount 3 module package available): $101.00

Module 2 - Light: $101.00

Module 3 - Bliss: $101.00 

3 Module Package: $262.00

When events beyond our control cause unavoidable changes, locations and fees are subject to change without notice.

When events beyond our control cause unavoidable changes, locations and fees are subject to change without notice.

Svaroopa® Yoga

Being Light & Bliss

Beyond experiencing inner light,

you are that light.

Beyond experiencing inner bliss,

you are that bliss.

Beyond being light and bliss,

you are Beingness-Itself.