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About DTS Develop Your Teaching Skills

included in all YTT Levels

CBT, RYT 200, CSYT, RYT 500

Sharing What You Know

First you have to know it, then you can share it effectively. Sharing it is about the other person's experience, not yours.

About DTS Develop Your Teaching Skills

It's time to take everything you learned back to your yoga students. How do you give them what you've gotten? 

After each of your Teacher Training immersions, your learning continues in your at-home self-study program. DTS guides you through preparing your lesson plans and the process of teaching your new Teaching Themes.

You are partnered with one or two other teachers-in-training at your same level of training. You and your co-mentees work with a mentor through email and monthly conference calls.

I have never had follow-up like this in any area of study. DTS is quite an ingenious plan. – Pamela S.

I never understood how treasured the student was until DTS. The safety, comfort, alignment, and understanding of our students is prioritized in Svaroopa® yoga. I learned so much that I can hardly believe it! – Rhoda J.

I feel so supported from this program. I love the kindness and compassion that I always receive from my Mentors. I learn so much from them! – Shu Lin C.

More than 150 pages of detailed lesson planning materials teach you how to choreograph the classroom experience for your students. Your DTS manual helps you translate the material from your intensives into the actual teaching you are doing. Personal coaching is available in addition to your Mentoring Group.

Your mastery as a teacher grows over each DTS Module, to encompass what takes most teachers years to figure out on their own. We have successfully led over 2,500 teachers through DTS modules. This is another way that our Professional Trainings lead the way in graduating high-quality teachers.


Our Enrollment Advisors will be happy to connect with you and answer any questions - programs@svaroopayoga.org or 610.806.2119