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Guru Purnima

July 21 2024

The ancient sages of India tracked time by the moon, establishing a lunar calendar still in use today.  They dedicated each full moon (purnima) to a particular aspect of the One Divine Reality.  The biggest full moon of every year, they dedicated to the Guru, the human form of the Divine, who shows you that you too are the Divine in a human form.

In India, this is the day that people take off work to go visit their Guru, bearing gifts that will support him or her as well as the Ashram for the rest of the year.  They bow at their Guru's feet, as Swami Nirmalananda always did to Muktananda, to lower their head below their heart, and to align themselves with the energy that flows out the Guru's feet.

On this day, Gurudevi Nirmalananda honors and celebrates her Guru, as well as making herself available as Grace Personified - a way for all to tap into their own svaroopa most easily.  This is the night in which the Grace shines most fully. 

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The Gift of Grace

"Being able to receive, that's the trick!  It took me 30 years to receive the gift that my Guru gave me, though it took Him only an instant to give." - Swami Nirmalananda