Radical Anatomy for Yogis

You thought you knew your body, but you’ll discover a whole new way to work in it — from the inside-out.  Svaroopa® yoga locates your spine in a powerful way, to decompress your vertebrae and discs from tail to top.  You get a radically different body in just a few hours.

“This is my first class, but my neck pain is gone!  I was considering surgery, and have tried acupuncture and everything.  This is amazing!”

This full-immersion weekend uses yoga poses to turn your anatomy lessons into breakthroughs. Your questions lay the groundwork for the whole training — ask about the diseases, illnesses, injuries, syndromes and other conditions that you, your loved ones or your students are facing.

The difference between the medical and yogic perspectives becomes clear, so you know how to draw the best from both. Powerful poses and partnering clarify anatomical principles. You will understand your body in a whole new way and have new tools to make a difference.

“The course did an excellent job of highlighting the body’s interconnectedness and direct relation to spinal tension.”

“Radical Anatomy helps connect the visual with what happens in your body.”

“It’s great—it solidified my knowledge in anatomy and pathophysiology by taking me deeper into my body.”

Your yoga-full days also include your housing, meals, snacks and breaks, with yoga classes and meditation training as well as chanting in Sanskrit.  You’ll be amazed at how this yoga changes your body – how fast!  How easy!  How blissfully!



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The Anatomy Coloring Book (provided with your materials)