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Course Confirmation Dates

Enroll early for your program, to help us confirm it for you. We publish a Confirmation Date for each of our programs (see the course description). 

  • For On-Site Courses, the confirmation date is 2 weeks prior, to allow time for you to make travel plans.  For Online Courses, the confirmation date is 2 days prior, so we can send you the course info and links.
  • On the Confirmation Date, all students enrolled in a course will be notified of the course status - whether confirmed or cancelled.  
  • If minimum enrollment is reached before the Confirmation Date, we confirm the course and inform all enrolled students immediately.  Plus we include the information in the course description; instead of a Confirmation Date, it says “CONFIRMED.”
  • If minimum enrollment is not reached on the Confirmation Date, the course will unfortunately be cancelled.  People who are just thinking about that program are not counted (picture a smiley face here).