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Our Charitable Giving

We share our blessings through free educational projects, gifting  yoga's many blessings in the United States and India. Swami Nirmalananda explains her selection of our charitable projects, "It's easy to find people who need food and shelter, but education uplifts them in multiple ways simultaneously.  I always gravitate towards projects that feed the soul rather than feed the body. That's what the Ashram is about."

Yoga in the Village, Ganeshpuri India

Two full-time yoga teachers take yoga to the children in the public schools.  We partner with Shree Nityananda Educational Trust to serve schools in Ganeshpuri as well as through the surrounding area, the Tansa River Valley.  This program gives yoga back to the land of its origin.  Click here for more info and to donate.

Stress Relief InService (SRI)

We offer free programs to schools, for their teachers and staff, in Downingtown PA and surrounding areas.  These free programs support the teachers with easy yoga tools, no props or special clothing required.  Five different inservice programs are available, giving the teachers and staff tools to handle the pressures they face every day:

  • Simple Stretching
  • Simple Relaxation
  • Simple Breathing
  • Simple Sitting
  • Simple Stillness

Everything is carefully non-sectarian, which is important in public schools, meaning "No Sanskrit." The techniques we teach them can be used anywhere, including in their classroom if they chooose.  

Completed Projects

Swami Nirmalananda has been involved in several charitable projects in India, having seen Muktananda’s generosity many years ago.  

In December of 2010, Swamiji organized contributions to build Kerala House, a home for a single mother and her adult handicapped child. This was made possible through the generous contributions of ashramites, as well as the efforts of the medical staff at Beach and Lake Resort who helped find government money for the daughter’s medical issues. Swamiji has also provided needed supplies for an orphanage in Kerala, supported temples in Ganeshpuri, and run a free Ayurvedic Clinic in Kerala

From 2010 - 2015, the Ganeshpuri Music School served over 300 local students in harmonium classes, tabla (drum) classes and classical Indian dance classes, bringing the ancient classical music tradition to villagers who would otherwise never have such opportunities.