Meditation Teacher Trainers

Swami NirmalanandaSwami Nirmalananda

Swami Nirmalananda is our Master Teacher, a teacher of the highest integrity for over 35 years. Formerly known as Rama Berch, she is the originator of Svaroopa® yoga as well as the Founder of Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram. In 2009 she was honored with initiation into the ancient order of Saraswati monks. Now wearing the traditional orange, she has openly dedicated her life to serving others. Usually called Swamiji, she makes the highest teachings easily accessible, guiding seekers to the knowledge and experience of their own Divine Essence.

Vidyadevi StillmanVidyadevi Stillman

Vidyadevi has been studying and teaching directly with Svaroopa® yoga originator Swami Nirmalananda for over 20 years. Her experience with students on several continents and direct support from Nirmalananda imbues her teaching with vast experience. Her previous work as a research scientist enlivens her understanding of the science of yoga. She travels extensively to lead retreats and trainings in both yoga and meditation. She communicates with ease, skilled in merging depth, clarity, lightness and humor. Her travels to India and personal retreats deepen her understanding and experience of the promise of yoga.

Rukmini AbbruzziRukmini Abbruzzi

Rukmini teaches meditation and yoga, leads ongoing satsangs, and serves as Teachings Assistant to Swami Nirmalananda, supporting the greater Svaroopa® Yoga and Meditation community.  She has studied with Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati and shared her teachings with others for 15 years.  Her dedication to and love for the meditation and yoga practices make her a clear conduit for the Grace that flows through Svaroopa Vidya from her Guru Swami Nirmalananda and the whole lineage.  Rukmini brings her heart to everything she does.  She offers these ancient and profound teachings in a way that is easily understood, making it easy for you to apply these meditative tools and to experience your own Divine Essence.