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Swami Prajñananda Saraswati

When she dove into Svaroopa® yoga, Prajñananda worked as a first-grade teacher in Brooklyn NY.  Simultaneously she was enrolled in a Master’s degree program.  Having experienced Svaroopa® yoga years before, she knew it would relieve the pressures of fulltime teaching and graduate studies.

Enrolling in Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga, Prajñananda took the first step into Teacher Training.  Finding the “more” provided by the Grace in this lineage, she jumped in with both feet.  One month later, she immersed in a Shaktipat Retreat with Gurudevi Nirmalananda.  Finally, she stepped fully into Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Training.  One year later, Prajñananda left her job as a schoolteacher to study, work and live with her Guru full time.  In December 2019, she took sannyas initiation from Gurudevi Nirmalananda in Ganeshpuri India.  She now serves as both a Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Trainer and a Teachings Assistant Manager at Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram.

“In a 2018 Ashram retreat, an inner arising that couldn’t be ignored made it clear that I needed to become a swami,” describes Prajñananda.  “It was the only thing that would satisfy my yearning to know my Self in my wholeness.  I wanted to be able to serve from that place.” 

Bringing skills that she developed as a schoolteacher into her Ashram service, she explains, “No matter their age, everyone needs support in order to learn.  And that support is needed in various ways.  It’s my delight to be an instrument in the process.”

"Prajñananda is a gifted teacher. I am a novice to yoga and meditation.  Her patience, knowledge and understanding have taught me so much.  Her classes leave me with a feeling of peace…" — Susan Fellman, Downingtown PA

"The quality I find so endearing about Swami Prajñananda is her enthusiasm. Derived from the Greek, “enthusiasm” means God-filled or inspired.  She exudes those qualities as she serves others while fully embracing her spiritual path.  When she speaks to you, she does it with a certainty.  I follow her directives…And it works!"
— Barbara (Bharati) Bhadia, Philadelphia PA

The Saraswati Order of monks is a teaching order.  Teachers in this lineage are skilled in expressing the subtle principles of Consciousness clearly and understandably.  Being initiated into the Saraswati Order, Prajñananda is aware of more clarity and focus.  Being a sannyasi (renunciant) she has fewer identities to pull her out of Self.  Without competing motivations, she is freed to serve more effectively.

The name “Prajñananda” means the “bliss of illumined knowledge.”  It holds the promise of the knowing of your own Self.  Her name implies the simultaneous capacity to put that knowing into words.  Swami Prajñananda looks forward to teaching from this capacity wherever needed.  She sees teaching as an opportunity to give back for everything that her Guru has given her.  Prajñananda knows she will have more to offer by continually deepening into Self.  She sees all that she does as service to Gurudevi Nirmalananda.

"Prajñananda has a gift of being able to transform concepts and contemplations into easily understood words.  She does a really good job of synthesizing things so it’s accessible to beginners.  That is especially true with meditation.  Besides being a fabulous teacher, Prajñananda is a delightful human being.
— Paula Wagner, Exton PA

"As a teacher for 50 years in a public high school, I immediately recognize someone who is passionate about what they’re doing.  I can see it in their eyes, their voice and in their manner.  Prajñananda is totally committed to what she is doing for us.
— Peter Czeck, Exton PA

"I appreciated Swami Prajñananda’s clarity in sharing her experience during the asana work we did.  It helped deepen my own discoveries.  
— Soraya Pereira, San Diego CA