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Swami Samvidaananda Saraswati, CSYT

Her name, Samvidaananda, means the bliss of the mystical heart of Consciousness.  That heart is the essence of your own Self, not your emotional self.  Gurudevi gave her this name because she puts her heart into everything she does.  She teaches meditation, vichara (guided self-inquiry), the sacred texts, asana and yoga therapy with warmth, clarity and humor.  Teaching yoga and meditation is a joy for her as well as a calling.

She began practicing yoga in her teens, and was delighted with the flexibility and peace of mind it gave her.  When her children were small, she continued, taking classes at the local YMCA.  Yoga made her a much better mother!  But it's when she experienced Svaroopa® yoga that everything changed.  In her first class, she experienced a bliss she had never felt before.  Soon after, she had her first private Svaroopa® yoga therapy session, and “knew she was home.” 

Then came the inner arising: “Teach yoga!” Samvidaananda says, “Once you know, you know, and everything changes.  The doors to Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Training just flew open.”  She began training in 1999 and has been diving into more advanced levels of training, as well as teaching yoga and meditation ever since. 

Expertly taught by Swami Samvidaananda, we students had an opportunity to dive deep in poses and meditation! —  Lisha R.

Becoming a sannyasi (renunciant) also sprang from an inner arising.  Soon after the inner knowing arose, Gurudevi created a pathway for it to happen.  She made Samvidaananda a swami, along with others, in the traditional fire ceremony in India in 2019.

For Samvidaananda, being a swami is a divine calling.  It is a joyful life of service.  She says, “Now that I am a swami, I do what I’ve always done.  The difference is that I’m doing it from a greater depth.  I can serve with a clearer mind, more heart, more fearlessness, more intelligence, more enthusiasm — and more appreciation for everything, especially for Gurudevi."

Samvidaananda loves to teach everyone, from newbies to experienced yogis and teachers.  That's because of the bliss that Svaroopa® practices provide, easily and immediately.  Yet she promises that this is just the beginning.  The practices prepare you for the awakening of your inner spiritual energy, called Kundalini.  Kundalini is awakened through Shaktipat, an initiation that comes from a Shaktipat Master like Gurudevi.  Kundalini gives you your Divinity, your own Self.

Swami Samvidaananda is a wonderful teacher who teaches with clarity.  Grace permeated the program, and her discourse was engaging and inspirational.  I felt uplifted and deeply established in Self at the end of the program. — Nansi C.

Swami Samvidaananda teaches with such Grace and ease.  It’s easy to follow her, and I have such deep experiences. — Kelly S.


Samvidaananda says, “Ultimately my job is to be a doorway to Gurudevi. Or perhaps I’m the doorman. I tell each person, “Welcome. You’re here at last. Come on inside; she’s been waiting for you.” I’m not the only doorman; I’m one of many. For me it’s the greatest privilege.”


CSYT - Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher (650 hours)