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Succession Plan FAQ

Why a Succession Plan?

Gurudevi asked us to create a 5-year, 10-year and 20-year plan, including planning for what would happen to the Ashram assets at the end of her life. She shared that many people wanted her to move to a rural area, buy a big piece of land, build a retreat center and farm the land. She doesn’t want to do this. She is committed to teaching in the midst of the world, not looking for a way to escape.  She is committed to teaching, not amassing and managing property.

Working with Gurudevi, we created the Succession Plan to insure that the Ashram is not focused on amassing property or financial wealth, but is focused on creating a wealth of teachers that will carry these teachings to the next generation of yogis.

The Vowed Order

What is the purpose of the Vowed Order?

To create an opportunity for yogis to formalize their personal commitment to Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram and to Gurudevi as their Guru, whether they are living in the Ashram or continuing their sadhana (practices and progress) within their family, work and location. There are different levels of vows for people’s differing situations.

Some vowed yogis will choose to be yoga monks, submerged in the deep teachings and practices with Gurudevi Nirmalananda so they might carry on the legacy of the teachings after Gurudevi has left her body. In time,

Gurudevi will authorize certain Vowed Members to do teaching and initiations.  Learn more about the Vowed Order.

Do I have opportunities to be with Gurudevi if I don’t take vows?

Yes, in the same way that she is now available. Yet, Gurudevi will continue to develop the resident-based programming, turning her focus to teaching those yogis who are studying and practicng with her most closely. This will also provide Gurudevi with time to write and leave the gift of a sustainable legacy.

As teachers are authorized, Gurudevi will be gradually freed from course-based programming (where she is constantly creating new programming) to resident-based programming so she can guide and support the deepest vowed yogis. 

Will I continue to have opportunities to be with Gurudevi in person if I live far away? 

Yes. She continues to be available in free programs as well as those with tuition, to any who are interested in Self Realization. Gurudevi is committed to supporting yogis wherever they live, whether vowed or not. 

What is the purpose of a community living with or near to Gurudevi?

Whether SVA plans for it or not, some yogis will want to live close to Gurudevi. She has asked us to prepare for this and to make the opportunity easily available. Those who live in the Ashram or nearby already enjoy Gurudevi’s ongoing and personal support, more directly and deeply. This will continue to be true.